When the Christian person involved is all about „love and the

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One of my friends who’s an atheist has been married to his Christian wife for 28 years now. One of their grown up children is Christian while the other one is atheist. I believe things can work and last when the parties involved choose not to loose the wonderful chemistry and love making them happy. Most of the time, this doesn’t work because each one tries to convert the other person or makes fun of their belief system, or when they simply did not had conversations on that. As a matter of fact, not only Christians try to convert atheists, atheists do too. When the Christian person involved is all about „love and the free will” vision, there’s no reason why this will not work. There have to be true love, honest discussion and agreement on how to do this and which way to go. Otherwise it gets ugly and clearly does not work. When you love someone, you don’t make fun of them based on their religion or choice! And if you do not agree, just go different ways without judging and wish each other the best of luck. Judging atheists and Christians is not bringing the world anywhere anyway. It’s simply 2 different choices like any other choice, we need to respect that.

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