Instead of sickbay, they have the „dispensary

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Tropes Bizarre Alien Biology: Spock, obviously. Since Vulcan’s oceans do not contain the same types of salts that Earth’s oceans do, the Salt Vampire found him very unappetizing. Bluff The Imposter: Spock was starting to get suspicious of Vampire!McCoy, and was attacked just before he was about to confront her. Book Ends: Sulu and Rand share a rare extended scene together in this episode. So rare, that the only other time they have one is in the sixth and last movie. Bullying a Dragon: Spock slapping the Salt Vampire numerous times counts as this. The only thing that saves it from being Too Dumb to Live is that Spock was trying to prove that the Salt Vampire wasn’t Nancy in order to get McCoy to shoot her. Call Back: Dr. Crater gets into a gunfight with Kirk and Spock on the planet. Notable he’s using a laser while Kirk and Spock are armed with phasers. Crater’s laser uses the same model as the laser pistols from „The Cage.” Central Theme: There’s a constant string of Motifs regarding eating and food throughout the episode, highlighting „Nancy’s” hunger which drives the plot. Doppelgnger Replacement Love Interest: Dr Crater’s wife Nancy actually died a year or two ago, and the alien has taken her form and lives with him. Early Installment Weirdness: Spock being so open in his fear for Kirk could count as this. In fact, he has numerous emotional outbursts in this episode which is radically different to his cold, logical personality later in the series. A couple of Kirk’s captain’s log entries are given as though Kirk were discussing the story retrospectively. Nearly every other captain’s log in the franchise would be narrated in the present tense. Instead of sickbay, they have the „dispensary.” Embarrassing Nickname / Affectionate Nickname: Apparently McCoy’s was „Plum” when he was with Nancy. Evil Detecting Plant: Beauregard/Gertrude freaks out when the creature gets near. Geeky Turn On: Uhura loves a man who can speak Swahili! Though considering that Uhura is supposed to be from Africa, Swahili would not appear to be that obscure from her perspective, and might even be her mother language. In this case it would mean that she is more intrigued by the fact that this man is familiar with her own culture. Girl of the Week: And for once, the girl is McCoy’s. And she’s been killed by an alien. Typical. Go Through Me: An inversion: Spock positions himself directly between the salt vampire and Kirk. Green Aesop: The episode sounds like it was written to talk about extinction of species. Since this alien happened to be a blood (okay, salt) thirsty alien who was well on their way to mass murder, it was a somewhat Broken Aesop. The broken nature of the Aesop is actually Lampshaded:Prof. Crater: It’s the last one. The buffalo. There is no difference.

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