Archiwum dla Luty 2013

It’s actually because humanity’s foray into time travel


Oral Fixation: Carlisle and his eating habits Soundtrack Dissonance: Several times, but the final number of Part 5 revolving around Ripley having a breakdown and setting the flats on fire set to Mary Hopkin’s „Knock Knock, Who’s There?” is a particularly stunning example. Taking the Heat: Danny goes to the police and confesses to the murder, but they don’t take long to figure out that he’s only confessing to protect his father and let him go with a warning about wasting police time.

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Replica Designer Handbags The most important two gods for the Aztec myths are Quetzalcoatlnote (say):”kett sal COH awe tull”, the Plumed Serpent, and Tezcatlipocanote (say):”tess kawt lee POKE ah”, the Smoking Mirror. These brothers were two archenemies and most of the Aztec myth revolves around the two of them fighting each other. Quetzalcoatl was the god of wind, dawn, the morning star (aka Venus), knowledge, arts, and crafts, and one of the oldest gods, dating back to the Olmec. Tezcatlipoca was the trickster god of night, magic, slaves, earth, war, discord, rulership, and a host of others. On different versions they are either the two first brother gods, the elder of the first four brother gods or even the same being in antonym aspects battling with himself, indeed „Black Quetzalcoatl” is a name sometimes given to Tezcatlipoca, and „White Tezcatlipoca” is another name for Quetzalcoatl. Once the Spanish arrived, they marked the two as „good and evil” respectively, but to the Aztec sensibilities, neither of them was necessarily „better” than the other, they were just different and on opposite sides. Most famously, Quetzalcoatl became a human and ruled as a king of Tula, the home of the Toltec people. He was a wise and peaceful ruler who ushered in a golden age. and as a result, none of the other gods were being given tribute. Outraged, Tezcatlipoca came to earth, wormed his way into Quetzalcoatl’s council by smooth talking the right people, winning unwinnable battles, and seducing noblewomen. He managed to get Quetzalcoatl rip roaring drunk, and as a result, he ended up sleeping with his sister, Quetzalpetlatlnote (say):”ket sal pet LOT ull”. Ashamed, Quetzalcoatl went into self imposed exile, then killed himself on a funeral pyre, came back to life, and finally sailed east on a raft of snakes, promising to return someday Replica Designer Handbags.

Zaproszenie na Mistrzostwa Othello dzielnicy Ochota 2013 (II GPP)


W imieniu Towarzystwa Miłośników Gier Umysłowych zapraszam wszystkich zainteresowanych do udziału w Otwartych Mistrzostwach gry Othello, które odbędą się w dniu 17 marca br. (niedziela) o godz. 11.00 w świetlicy TMGU przy ul. Skarżyńskiego 5 w Warszawie.


Udział jest bezpłatny, a dla najlepszych zawodników przewidziane są puchary oraz nagrody pieniężne. Więcej szczegółowych informacji w załączonym pliku (Othello reg Mistrzostwa Ochoty 2013).  Serdecznie zapraszamy!

You constantly second guess yourself


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